Welcome to KB-Insights

KB-Insights provides a range of services aimed at enhancing learning and potential. Karen's passion and commitment to helping others expand their learning, overcome barriers and enhance their skill set, were the catalysts for forming Kb-Insights. By visiting this website you have taken an important first step;

  • To support your child in overcoming barriers to learning.
  • To enhancing your own personal development.
  • Be at the leading edge of thinking and practice in how people learn.
  • Transform ideas about learning into practice in a wide range of situations.
  • Move people forward in their learning and thinking.
  • We can all continue to learn and adapt regardless of age.
  • Personal growth is essential to well being.
  • Improving people's thinking is the best place to begin to enhance performance.

For Children and Young People

A range of interventions focusing on a number of proven and well-researched programmes addressing underlying problems contributing to difficulties such as:

Specific learning difficulties - Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, speech and Language delay, ADD Coordination problems - balance, hand-eye co-ordination, messy eater, clumsiness, Behavioural issues- ADHD, poor impulse control, withdrawn/anxiety, bed-wetting, poor social skills.

Kb-Insights also works with young people using an NLP skill-set teaching children strategies to gain confidence and motivation, overcome fears, manage emotions, develop self-resilience and learn new ways of thinking to release their inner potential. Karen is also a Director of Kids NLP Scotland.

For Adults

Overcome: anxieties and fears, stress, lack of confidence, phobias, weight loss, smoking.

Enhance: Well being, learning, motivation, presentation skills, self resilience, and belief in ability.

Work & Life balance - stress management.

Supporting Parents to manage the emotional well being of their children.