JIAS School based Programme

JIAS School based Programme

Many children have difficulties in attending and listening. There can be many factors impacting upon the development of the necessary skills. Some children have recurring ear infections, glue ear which impede these skills. Others will dislike loud noises and become distressed. Some children find it difficult to follow instructions and process information. Others just look at you blankly as if there is a satellite delay.

The ability to process information is essential to learning to read, write and spell and develop social skills. JIAS addresses underlying auditory processing which helps noticing, discrimination and organisation of sound detail. This is delivery through music which is specifically designed to gently change and organise auditory processing by stimulating the nerve pathways into and within the brain, in particular the areas dealing with language.

Group delivery of a standard JIAS waves programme in school can be successful, enjoyable and easy to implement.

This half day session is to introduce staff to the programme and how it works for the benefit of learners. It can then become an integral part of your daily routine for the youngsters helping them to listen more effectively.

In house training available as CPD module.

£65 for ½ day - Central Edinburgh.

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