Meet Karen

Karen's background lies in education, as a teacher and Head Teacher. Having worked with young people and observing behaviours Karen set up Kb-Insights. Over the past 12 years Karen has expanded her training in a number of disciplines.

She completed post-graduate studies at The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology in Chester and completed her Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming in 2007 with Richard Bandler approved brain training.

Karen is a fully trained Johansen Sound Therapist. She is also trained in Bilateral Integration. She is also a founding practitioner of the P6 Constellation (developed by Louie Gardener PhD).

Karen has been committed to lifelong learning throughout her career. With a passionate interest into research as to how the mind develops, she is fascinated by improvements achieved in human behavior and performance by a greater understanding of how the mind works. The fact that neuroscience is now helping to push the boundaries has fuelled her passion for working with people requiring assistance in their personal and professional lives.

All services of Kb-Insights work on the principle of re-training the brain. Learning and Development, Personal Development using a number of disciplines, INPP motor development, Bilateral Integration and Johansen Individual Auditory Stimulation.

Kb-Insights is now helping people of all ages in the knowledge that new pathways can be created. The interventions used stimulate change through programmes designed to retrain the brain, regardless of age!

Karen has also worked on a voluntary basis with a project in Kenya, supporting the schooling of orphans. Following her first visit to Kenya in May 2007, she raised awareness of the importance of movement to learning and introduced INPP's school programme. She continues to support the Kenyan teache's professional development. Since this training the teachers have seen first hand the impact of the programme on the attainment of the pupils in the original group. Karen has been back to train more teachers in the programme as they wish to extend the number of children who can benefit.