Kb-Insights offers Cogmed to clients.

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence based cognitive computer training method developed by researchers in Sweden, and is used to strengthen learning abilities. The training improves working memory, which is essential for learning. Effects from training are reflected in increased concentration, attention and impulse control, but also improved reading comprehension and mathematical ability. Improvements have also been seen in stamina when working with mentally demanding tasks, and increased problem-solving skills. The training is time-efficient, 25 sessions over 6/7 weeks of intensive training can provide conclusive results for children and adults.


The cogmed computer training programme includes scientifically tested exercises that train auditory and visuo-spatial working memory. The difficulty level of the programme is automatically adapted to individual student’s working memory capacity. The programme requires no presets, so students are always training at their maximum level.

The client will work on JM, QM or RM. There is a 5/7 day commitment weekly to ensure progress. The person can do 7 days a week should they wish. The difficulty level will automatically adjust on the performance of the user so that he/she will always train on the limits of their working memory capacity. This is a 5/6 week programme.

There is Cogmed JM for younger children who are not yet familiar with numbers or letters and they would work on the programme for 15-20mins daily.

RM is for children and adolescents. They would work on the programme for 30-45mins daily.

QM is for adolescents and adults. They would work on the programme for 30-44mins 5 days a week.

Each programme has built in reward incentives to help motivation.

The 6 week package includes set up, monitoring of the clients progress which is fed back through weekly email or telephone call to the client, or parent of the client. This will give progress updates and provide the opportunity to discuss strategies to help progress.

On conclusion of the programme there will be a wrap up session, face to face or telephone, to provide overall feedback. A follow up session will be arranged 3-6 months after the training has been completed to ascertain the effects that have emerged over the time following the training.

Contact Karen to discuss further or arrange set up 07837930714