“ The human mind is like an umbrella - It functions best when open. „

Walter Gropius

Karen has a wealth of experience in education, helping young people of all ages to overcome barriers in life by using their brains more skilfully to discover new possibilities using a number of disciplines: NLP coaching, stress management, neuroscience and mindfulness. With PG studies in children and young people’s well-being and as a founding member of the P6 constellation, Karen’s unique blended approach supports change in individuals and groups.

Many children and families face challenges in life: coping with change whether moving house or school, family issues, peer relationships, lack of self belief, anxieties or phobias or negative behaviour patterns that are difficult to break free from. Children don't come with instruction sheets and at times as a parent or carer you don't know how to proceed. Imagine being able to assist them in managing their emotions, cope with peer issues, fears and anxieties manage change in their lives (schools, family circumstances, going to camp) , overcome low self esteem, or exam nerves, challenges in learning and build confidence and self resilience. The mental health of young people is key to their success in life. Karen takes delight in nurturing individuals and passing on the ability to individuals to do this for themselves.

We all make maps inside our brain, how we use those maps to make sense of life and in turn communicate those maps with others, influences our behaviour. Consider, for example, the child who is timid of others. Time and again, we find out this child has a map (or template) based on an early experience. This means each time they go to interact with others, a set of responses are activated, and this brings up the same set of uncomfortable feelings time and again.

Effecting change: Sessions last 50mins to an hour, depending on the individual child, and how they're doing during the session. Using a range of activities we have fun and discover anything that may be holding your child back. Through practical insight Karen's blended approach supports the individual to change their maps, so they can gain confidence, or motivation, or overcome their fears, manage their emotions, develop self resilience and learn new ways of thinking to help their inner potential shine. All achieved using simple effective techniques which are easy to learn.

Each child is an individual. In the majority of cases between 2-3 visits is sufficient to making a change. Sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual child.

Consultations 1-1 with parents are recommended before working with the child/ young person.