Here's some feedback from our customers.

“I have worked with KB insights for over 2 years now and the techniques used have been extremely helpful. The use of the emotion cards have allowed me to focus in a far more positive fashion. Understanding how fact and fiction can merge has enabled me to become far more self aware of how the negative patterns I was falling into can be altered for the better. Implementing these techniques into my everyday thought process has enabled me to improve in many aspects of my busy life, manage far more productively an eclectic work schedule whilst also coming to terms with conflict and trauma from my past.I can and have recommended Karen Beveridge highly for her professional and most skilled approach to personal development.„


“I have worked with Karen over a two year period to help me through challenging periods of my life.Her techniques have proved very useful in helping me gain clarity about issues in both my career and personal life.Whilst doing my PhD in Creative Writing at Edinburgh University, Karen helped me with techniques for time management and goal setting, as well as confidence.After completing my PhD, I've had problems regaining my focus and deciding on which direction to take my writing and teaching career in. Using the emotion cards with Karen has helped me to feel good about my achievements to date and to focus on positive emotions. Using the fact and fiction technique has given me a tool to deal with negative self-talk when it arises, as it often can during the rejection-heavy business of publishing! Overall the techniques that Karen has given me form an essential and varied toolkit to dip into when the need arises. These techniques are so effective that just one session with Karen can make a huge difference to a long-standing problem. I cannot recommend her highly enough.„

Dr T. Emerson

“I had a major crisis in my life at the age of 50, having had until that time a relatively 'easy' life with husband, family, health, career and finance. The result of this crisis meant that all of the cornerstones of my life - husband, close family, friendships, job, home and finances - changed completely impacting on my emotional wellbeing. I now know that I had a complete breakdown, was suicidal and struggled to even leave the house. My sister recommended that I contact Karen and, with her support, I have gradually not only regained my life but I am more resilient, confident and in a better place emotionally than ever before. Initially Karen spent time supporting me on a weekly basis when I was very emotional, anxious and unable to open the blinds in my house in case people looked at me. Karen worked with me to find the strategies/methods that worked for me. Some weeks I would go into Karen's office feeling extremely stressed and upset and, by the time I left an hour later I felt relaxed and ready to face some of the issues which were causing me distress. I used Karen's relaxation downloads and began sleeping again which helped to build my strength and resilience too. Karen's use of strategies such as visualisation, changing pictures into black and white, using cards to pin point key worries, looking closely at what were facts and what was actually fiction in my head alone, walking through and rehearsing how I might deal with scenarios helped me to begin to change my behaviours and I began to recognise triggers. Karen has also helped me to regain my confidence in my career - coaching me for interview and i now have a new post. I now use the strategies that Karen taught me when I begin to feel stressed. I feel happy, strong and open to life again. I am so grateful that I made that first appointment to go and meet Karen.„

“I really think the sessions are helping A. – we are getting on much better together and things are so much nicer between us – thank you„

Mother of 12yr old boy

Hi Karen,
Thank you for your help in working with Chanelle, the improvement has been amazing„

M.N. mother of 9yr old girl

Thanks very much Karen for your help. I have noticed a change in B. He seems more positive about life

JO’R mother of 11yr old boy

“ I was recommended to Karen by a colleague and was extremely impressed with her methodology and ability to identify the best solutions for me. She spent a long time discussing the issues affecting my wellbeing and correctly summed up how and why I was feeling anxious and unstable. Throughout our 5 sessions I had implicit faith in her and was astounded at how relaxed I felt both during and after our meetings together.

Through imagery, relaxation techniques and cognitive thinking I was able to remove the horrific image I had of my friend's recent suicide and am very pleased to say I have bounced back with an amazing amount of new found energy and willingness to face up to everyday life. I have also been able to use her techniques to tackle other issues affecting my general health and for the first time in years feel fantastic. My family life is now settled and my business and personal determination has bounced back ten fold. Inner calm has appeared from nowhere and I can't praise Karen enough. „

From a very satisfied and appreciative customer

“ I am writing to tell you how pleased I am for the help you have given T. As you know he had become unable to go to school without having panic attackes. Every day became harder to get him in, it was affecting all of us because we did not want him to be so upset. I brought him to you and he only had a few sessions but the difference you have managed to make is fantastic. I have a much happier boy who can get into school without any fuss. you have helped T and us to be a much more relaxed family. We are very grateful to you Karen for your brilliant NLP sessions. „


“ My colleague Jackie Chalmers and I are both Health Improvement Seniors (Schools) with South West Community Health and Care Partnership, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. We approached Karen Beveridge of KB Insights following a recommendation from a colleague. We booked KB Insights to deliver six "Calm Minds" twilight sessions for Education staff in the South West Glasgow area in various locations. Staff health in schools was one of our priority projects for 2010/2011. On all of these occasions, the facilitator arrived on time and delivered the session to staff in a professional and interactive manner, relevant to their needs. The facilitator is from an Education background herself so was well aware of the stresses in the profession which assured the participants. The sessions have all evaluated very positively and delivered on the aims and objectives set. Jackie and I would recommend KB Insights to other colleagues in our networks as were very pleased with the service we received. „

Jackie Chalmers and Siobhan Boyle

“ Mind Matters
The relaxation techniques work very effectively and it was both interesting and useful to discover what type of learner I am and how to use this to help me in my exam prep. „


“ Mind Matters
My new learning was how much my thoughts affect the outcomes! „